There are already a lot of great platforms, tools and tutorials out there. In this section we list some of the tools and services that we use, which is why we can recommend all of them. Some can be self-hosted on a Virtual Private Server. If you can, you should definitely do that too...


Maybe even more important than knowing these tools is to stay informed, which is why we also would like to draw your attention to a couple of organisations that fight for our digital freedom online:

... news: digital rights & civil liberties

... domain name services & hosting provider (VPS)

... social media & online publishing

... cloud services: cross-platform, open-source & self-hosted

... browser, search engine, Tor & VPN: better privacy

... router firmware

... ad-block, firewall & intrusion detection

... encryption & password manager

... messenger: anonymous, end-to-end encrypted

... mobile OS: free from Google - Android alternatives

... crypto & web3

... online tools

... special mention: privacy tools & guides